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The Epic Review Guys reviewed the ScannerGuardCard® and described it as “INGENIUS…”. Thanks guys.

MUST SEE VIDEO The Myth Busters will not touch RFID chips and show how easily they can be hacked because the Discovery Channel was intimidated by the credit card companies and their legal council. This is a must watch. There is a reason why the credit card companies do not want you to be informed about the risks of RFID chips.




“We saw this product on QVC and bought it that night. Two days later it was delivered to our house and my husband and I put them in our wallets. I constantly see identity theft happening and I try to protect myself and my husband the best that I can. I feel much better with your product. Thanks.” – Suraj




“My local news channel ran a story about digital pickpocket thieves using RFID scanners. So I immediately began to research online and I came upon the ScannerGuardCard®. I was skeptical, but I made the purchase because of the money-back guarantee and warranty. The product is exactly what it says it is, a thin credit card size card that slides easily into your wallet. It is very cool that something so inexpensive protects all your RFID cards.” – Anand

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